NuKeeper has extended Github support. This means NuKeeper can create PR’s to a single github repository, update all repositories within a whole organization or on an entire Github server. The only requirement is that we have a valid personal access token(PAT).

Getting a token

To get a token for your account go to settings -> developer settings -> personal access token and click Generate new token.

  1. Go to your github settings
  2. Click developer settings
  3. Click the personal access token button
  4. Give it the following access rights:
    • Repo command:
    • Organisation command and Global command:
  5. Store the token and use that for the commands

Repo command

The repo command has two required arguments. The first one is the repository that you want to target. For github you can use the same url that you use for cloning. So something like:

For your own repositories:{username}/{repositoryname}.git

For organisation repositories:{organisation}/{repositoryname}.git

Now to run the command use

nukeeper repo{username}/{repositoryname}.git {PAT}

Any additional arguments can be added after the app password, for more information checkout the Configuration page.

Organisation command

Use the organisation command to raise multiple pull requests against multiple GitHub repositories within the same GitHub Organisation.

nukeeper org myteam mygithubtoken

Global command

Use the global command to update a particular package across your entire github server.

nukeeper global mygithubtoken --include PackageToUpdate --api